User Support

Reduce customer attrition

PlayerZero is the best way to support your users and decrease customer churn.
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A playerzero issue report

Capture & communicate user issues

All the information your team needs to triage issues is there at your fingertips so you can rapidly reproduce and resolve.
  • Metadata
  • DOM Snapshots
  • Steps to Reproduce
  • DevTools
  • Activity Feed
"Before PlayerZero, I had to ask for XHR files and a video recording from our customers every time they reported an issue. It’s all done automatically now."
Victoria Rische, Sr. CSM
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Add value, reduce friction

Being the first line of defense is hard enough, let PlayerZero streamline how you communicate bugs.
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Free to get started

Feel the power of PlayerZero for yourself, no credit card required to get started.
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Built for collaboration

Easily send a session report link to your teammates through a sharable link or one of our integrations with Slack or Jira.
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Easy to implement

PlayerZero fits into your existing workflow and supercharges your team’s processes.
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Optimized report format

PlayerZero session reports are designed to present information in a way that reduces time to reproduction, validation, and resolution.

No translation necessary

Say goodbye to the days of asking for Zoom calls or screen recordings. Say hello to quick access to all the information you need to solve an issue.
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Create your first report

Getting started is as easy as downloading a chrome extension!