Session Replay

More than just a video

Capture what's happening behind the scenes when a user runs into an issue in your application. Go deeper than the clicks and metrics with technical & visual context into all your users' actions.
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Bring your users to life

Building empathy for your users starts with understanding their journey.
A screenshot of reproducibility steps

Steps to reproduce

See a detailed breakdown of your user's experience and associated actions.
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Event snapshots

What did my application look like when the user hit the error? PlayerZero can show you!
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Streamlined session capture

Sourcing report information is easy as the click of a button or hitting the keyboard command!

Reproduce it, every time

Trust that you can not only identify, but reproduce the issue. All session context is captured and packaged for easy recall.
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"PlayerZero is like being on a zoom call with your user, except the user is technical and knows how to use devtools. I’ve used replay tools before, but none even close to as useful as PlayerZero."
Jon Necamp, Sr. Software Engineer
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A more efficient solution

Getting from zero to validation has never been easier
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Built for fast moving teams

Applications change, we get that.  Now, your debugging efficiency can keep pace!
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Balancing art and science

PlayerZero reports combine the voice of the user with the technical context that happened behind the scenes.

Understand the user like never before

It's full context, whenever you need it. Everything included.
PlayerZero issue report
Getting started is as easy as downloading a chrome extension or adding a single-line snippet, but we’ve also built a pre-created report for you to explore!

Create your first report

How it compares

Read how PlayerZero takes session replay to an entirely new level.