Remote Debugging

Fix the issue together

In a distributed world, PlayerZero uses quality to unite your team.
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No limitations

Stay in sync regardless of time-zone or working location. PlayerZero is built to keep all of your debugging efforts centralized and up-to-date.

Connected and inclusive

Eliminate the game of telephone that's keeping you and your team from moving fast.
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Be on the same page

Develop a shared understanding of issues and their impact on users with your whole team.

Cross-team collaboration

Communicate across all levels of your organization with the shared language of PlayerZero.

A trail of breadcrumbs

Comment directly in the issue report so your thoughts will live on.
"PlayerZero gets us to the root of an issue, quickly. For every new bug that gets flagged, PlayerZero has already taken us 90% of the way to solving it."
Sam Fischer, Head of Product

Flexibility first

Change is constant; user expectations are technologies are always in flux. PlayerZero is built to adapt to every situation, no matter how unique.
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It works on every machine

We give you everything you need to accurately reproduce any scenario.
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Built for the modern web

Supports all modern web application frameworks.

Create your first report

Getting started is as easy as downloading a chrome extension or adding a single-line snippet, it only takes a few minutes to start seeing value.
A playerzero issue report

Key Product Features

A screenshot of seps to reproduce an issue

Steps to reproduce

See a detailed breakdown of your user's experience and associated actions.
A screenshot of a DOM snapshot, with a specific element highlighted

Event snapshots

What did my application look like when the user hit the error? PlayerZero can show you!
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Activity Log

Maintain a feed of all the comments and interactions happening around an issue.