QA Bug Reports

A tool to move faster

The context capture part of your debugging workflow is now fully automated. Focus on finding issues, PlayerZero documents everything for you.
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Research-driven design

PlayerZero reports are optimized to help engineers understand and act upon issues without friction.

Retroactive data capture

With the click of a button, all key browser context is gathered and packaged. Network calls, telemetry events, metadata and so much more. No record and replay required.
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A complete documentation hub

PlayerZero issue report
DOM Snapshots
Steps to Reproduce
Activity Log
"Validating and triaging bugs is part of the job, but anything that can make that process more efficient for myself and the team is a big win. The number of times I’ve heard 'It works on my machine'... Not anymore!"
Rachel Gomez, QA Lead
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Single source of truth

With PlayerZero you can engage directly with your engineering team about the issue and leave a trail of institutional knowledge in the session report to rely upon in the future.

Quality communication, made easy

In a hybrid workplace, staying in sync with your team and users can prove difficult. PlayerZero streamlines your issue reporting workflow so you don’t skip a beat.
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Low-lift, high reward

Setting up PlayerZero takes 5 minutes, but it can save you hours of work everyday.
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Super shareable

Take the unique report link and add it to your existing report structure.
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Key Integrations

Hook PlayerZero into your existing workflow, so you and your team don't miss a beat.

Create your first report

Getting started is as easy as downloading a chrome extension or adding a single-line snippet, it only takes a few minutes to start seeing value.
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