Manual Session Uploads

A better way to share issues

PlayerZero gives the user the ability to easily flag an issue in an application, and provide a human voice to that specific issue. What went wrong? What were they trying to achieve? Bug reporters can deliver issues more confidently, and bug receivers will have everything they need to solve the problem and keep moving forward.
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Capture with intent
Cut out the unnecessary noise often associated with passive error monitoring.
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Don’t miss a detail
Bring the user’s voice to internal discussions by allowing them to add context and insights.
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Build clarity around any scenario
Build trust with your users by giving them a medium to communicate problems or identify blockers.

Flexible by design

Integrate the PlayerZero upload trigger into whatever workflow make the most sense for your User Experience.

Share session widget screenshot

Share session widget

This widget is completely optional, but extremely functional. It can live at the bottom of your page in case any user or internal team member runs across an issue.
Command K keyboard shortcut

Keyboard shortcut

On a call with a user and want them to send up their session in a nice tidy report? Or maybe you don’t want the distraction of the widget living on your site? Just ask them to hit Command-K(Mac) or Ctrl+K(PC)!
Calling the PlayerZero javascript API

Javascript API

We’ve given you the flexibility to capture these sessions from users in a way that best fits your existing workflow.
Intercom integration


Support is your first line of defense, and for those companies that use Intercom, we’ve made it that much easier to ask your users for an PlayerZero issue report!

Streamlined to optimize user experience

With a custom trigger experience and a straightforward submission sequence, your team and users won’t skip a beat.

Upload session widget

1. Initiate the upload

Take full control of how your user starts the upload sequence.
Upload diagnostics pop-up modal

2. Add a comment

There’s a comfort in giving a short written description of an issue before you pass it off; PlayerZero makes it easy to add that personal touch to each report.
Uploading diagnostics

3. Upload the session

By uploading diagnostics, all session information is passed off – all of that context gets locally bundled and is only uploaded when the user explicitly allows that data to leave their computer.
Share an issue report link

4. Copy and share a report link

Grabbing the report link is especially valuable for internal users, who can drop it to whoever, wherever they want.
Record a video while uploading

5. Include a video (optional)

Some of the best bug reports developers receive include a video; depending on the person on the delivering end, a video can shed a ton of light on the issue at hand.
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Additional report features

Screenshot of steps to reproduce

Steps to Reproduce

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DOM Snapshots

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Session Upload Triggers

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