Steps to Reproduce

Follow every action

Screenshot of a PlayerZero report
PlayerZero works like a flight recorder; it captures a user’s actions and stores them safely on the user’s local machine. The moment an issue occurs, a user can upload this locally stored information to your team so you can look back in time to see the steps taken that led to the issue.
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Understand the user journey

Create a mental model for a user’s experience and overall intent in the application.

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Empower your entire team

Anyone on your team, from support to QA, can understand the journey through steps.

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Be action oriented

Use steps as the starting point for further exploration and deeper understanding.

Designed to help you move fast

Parsing through user actions has never been this easy.

Reproduction steps grouped by email

Clustered by URL

PlayerZero bunches user steps by URL, so you can efficiently understand user journey at a quick glance.
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Intelligent grouping

Each step in a PlayerZero is designed to capture intent, not just action.

For example, “searching” for something is one intentional step but is a collection of multiple actions (Click, Fill, Arrow Down, Select)
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Linkable points of reference

Each step can be found tied to other core features in a PlayerZero report, such as the activity log, for convenient access.
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