DOM Snapshots

Capture a moment in time

Screenshot of DOM snapshot with a menu item highlighted
DOM snapshots present key visual context for each step in the user’s journey, they serve as a cross functional way to provide value to all links in the quality chain within your organization. You can see what your user saw, while also comparing it directly to what was coming back from DevTools.
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See it, believe it

A picture is worth 1000 words.

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Valuable to everyone

Anyone in your org, from support to engineering, will find snapshots useful.

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Build empathy for the user
By stepping into the user’s shoes, you can better understand the experience from their eyes.

A closer look at DOM snapshots

PlayerZero brings the user to life in YOUR browser.

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Capture the entire screen

DOM Snapshots provide pixel-perfect renders of the page and also enable huge performance benefits such as load time and storage size.
Screenshot of DevTools open next to DOM snapshot

Match side-by-side with DevTools

No screen switching necessary; you can have both the snapshot and the in-moment DevTools context up in one tab.
Screenshot of DOM snapshot with a menu item highlighted

View specific elements of interest

Watch the cursor move, highlight and focus in on the element the user interacted with.
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Additional features

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Steps to Reproduce

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DOM Snapshots

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