Pull back the curtain

Screenshot of a DOM snapshot and Devtools
PlayerZero gives you the you the same experience you have when you sit with the user as they click through their application with DevTools open – full technical context is at your fingertips when you need it most.
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Eliminate swivel chairing

Work faster by utilizing the devtools|snapshot splitscreen view.

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Don’t miss a detail

Access dense developer tooling from a specific moment in time.

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Build clarity around any scenario

Don't speculate. See the technical picture unfold and learn from your user's interactions.

All the essentials

Access dense developer tooling from any moment during the user's journey.

Screenshot of console logs


Quickly find any errors being thrown during a user's session.
Screenshot of Network Calls


See the requests, responses and payloads coming from the backend.
Screenshot of localstorage

Local Storage

Take a closer look into what was happening locally on the user's device.
Screenshot of session storage

Session Storage

Easily parse through usage data from a session before it's erased.
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