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Debugging is a team sport

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The Activity Feed is a place for team members to have a lasting voice in the bug smashing process. In this feed, anyone (users, support, engineering and QA) has the ability to participate in the debugging process by posting comments, adding videos or linking specific steps. Now everyone can have the confidence to communicate their ideas and insights in the best way possible.
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Stay connected to the issue
Collaborate in a media rich, embedded environment.
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Keep a system of record
Any institutional knowledge around an issue lives as long as a report lives.
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Amplify every voice
Let your team express their insights and opinions with confidence.

A better way to stay in sync

Communicating about an issue can be a unique experience for each person within an organization. We give you the power to tell your story the way you want!

Comment feed


Tag your teammates: With a simple @  you can notify and subscribe them to the issue. – @name

Hyperlink a specific step: By adding a hashtag and step number, you can create a quick link to that action in the steps to reproduce. – #[step number]

Add written context: By default, if the user added a description of the issue during upload, their voice will live in the activity feed! (as well as the title)
Video submission


User generated video: By default, if the user added a video to help paint a better picture of the issue during upload, we will drop this in the activity feed.

In-report submission: If a team member wants to provide additional visual context to an issue, they can add a video directly in the report for any involved party to see!
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Step spotlight

When a session is uploaded, the DevTools snapshot is embedded in the feed. This creates an easy shortcut to the context that someone on your team has deemed important!
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Additional report features

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Steps to Reproduce

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