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PlayerZero packages user sessions into shareable, interactive reports so you have all the context from the start.
Image of the PlayerZero session report, which includes all the information a developer needs to fix an issue

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Everything you need to fix web application issues, in one package


Understand what was happening behind the scenes when the user ran into an issue by accessing the session storage, local storage, network calls and console logs at each specific moment in the user's journey.
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DOM snapshots

Step into the user’s shoes to see what the application looked like when the issue occurred. More than just screenshots, these are fully inspectable DOM level reproductions at each step in the user’s journey.
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Steps to reproduce

See the areas of the application that your user visited, along with all associated actions. The steps are grouped by URL to make it easier to understand user intent and flow in the application.
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Keep a record of insights about an issue for yourself and your team by adding comments, videos, and quick links to the Activity feed. Stay connected with your team about a specific issue until it's fixed and validated. Then celebrate!
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Retroactive context, delivered with intent

All user session data is automatically captured and stored locally on the user's browser until an upload is triggered. No record, replay or reproduction necessary.

User-initiated upload

With the click of a button, or the stroke of a key-command, your user can send you everything you need to understand what's happening on their machine.
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A bug with flowing lines pointing towards it

Error-triggered upload

Rather than relying on your user to catch an issue and upload a session, you can setup automatic session capture. This way, you won't miss out on valuable issue information that might be blocking your user.
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No translation necessary

Eliminating the communication gap

"PlayerZero completely eliminates the back and forth with users when they report bugs. All the information and context I need is right there, with no extra effort on my part.
Roy Nehoran, Frontend Engineer
PlayerZero gets us to the root of an issue, quickly. For every new bug that gets flagged, PlayerZero has already taken us 90% of the way to solving it."
Sam Fischer, Head of Product
"Before PlayerZero, I had to ask for XHR files and a video recording from our customers every time they reported an issue. It’s all done automatically now."
Victoria Rische, Sr. CSM
"Validating and triaging bugs is part of the job, but anything that can make that process more efficient for myself and the team is a big win. The number of times I’ve heard 'It works on my machine'... Not anymore!"
Rachel Gomez, QA Lead
"PlayerZero is like being on a zoom call with your user, except the user is technical and knows how to use devtools. I’ve used replay tools before, but none even close to as useful as PlayerZero."
Jon Necamp, Sr. Software Engineer
“The amount of detail captured in these reports is super impressive, I can’t believe this didn’t exist before.”
Matt Coleman, Staff Software Engineer

Focus on what matters

Built for product led teams

What do I need to get started?

You can instrument the flight recorder and generate your first session link in just a few minutes. All you need is access to the codebase of the environment you want to capture issues; this where you will be inserting the single line PlayerZero Javascript snippet. Other than that, we recommend finding someone on your team that you can share a session report with and test the experience!

How much does PlayerZero cost?

PlayerZero is free to get started. You can get started and upload up to 50 links a month for free. Most users don’t reach that limit. If you need more than that, let’s talk! We're always flexible to the needs of our users and would love to find a solution that works.

Will PlayerZero slow down my site?

Our flight recorder is designed to run on idle, background cycles of your browser. It means we can do our magic with close to no slowdowns. 

Are there any workflow integrations?

We’ve built a Javascript API that streamlines report upload and sharing. If your company already has an existing element to capture bug reports in production, like a “report issue” button, a contact form, or anything between, you can tell PlayerZero to grab the link to the entirety of a user session whenever a user interacts with that element.

Our sharing process is as simple as copying and pasting a URL link. But if you have ideas for third party integrations that would be great for your workflow, let us know!

How does this work with other tools our team uses?

Because the sharing process is as simple as copying and pasting a URL link, teams can easily integrate PlayerZero into their current processes without any added friction.

Using Jira or Linear for your backlog? Just drop in a PlayerZero link and the assignee will have everything they need to validate and fix the issue. How about Slack or Teams? Same process! Just add the link to your comment and the recipient will have full context with the click of a button.

Who has access to specific session reports?

PlayerZero session reports are built to be shared across all areas of the organization, but are only accessible when the  team member is part of your “project”.

Anyone who is added to your project can see the full contents of the report (steps, metadata, videos, etc). Everyone else is blocked by default.

Can I use this with production usage as well?

Yes! PlayerZero lives by a very simple saying: Allow anyone to participate in the quality initiative. When you’re ready to move PlayerZero into your production workflow, we’ve got you covered with a few different options; integrate the Javascript API into existing elements on your application (ie. a “contact support” button), ask a user to hit command-k, or add the PlayerZero widget to your application.

Oh, and as a reminder, we only capture session information when the user actively flags it. Until then, it sits locally on their browser and off of our servers.

Is PlayerZero for me?

Have you written a bug report for a developer? Did you send a two sentence Slack message instead saying “the thing was broken”? Or maybe you find yourself stuck, trying to remember the steps you took before you ran into the issue? If this resonates with you, then PlayerZero will help you out. Product, design, customer success, QA and support teams find PlayerZero to be helpful to communicate to engineering.

Does PlayerZero capture all sessions or just buggy ones?

Think of PlayerZero as a flight recorder or a dash cam, except for your website. It captures usage data and stores it locally. When you choose to create a link, we only upload the last few minutes of data on that website up to the cloud. Everything else gets deleted and never leaves the safety of your computer.

Will PlayerZero upload my passwords and other PII data?

Absolutely not. Our recorder has built-in filters for the most common types of sensitive information including (but not limited to) password, email, credit card, cvv, and address fields. We also give teams the ability to add custom JSON Key filters for application specific data. We only want to capture helpful debugging information. Check out our docs and our privacy policy if you want more details.

How is the captured data protected?

All servers that run PlayerZero software in production are recent, continuously patched Linux systems. Additional hosted services that we utilize, such as Amazon S3, are comprehensively hardened Amazon infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms.

Our web servers encrypt data in transit using the strongest grade of HTTPS security (TLS 1.3) so that requests are protected from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks. Our SSL certificates are 2048 bit RSA, signed with SHA256.

tldr; we take security seriously and the data you send us is safe (and encrypted the whole way)

How long does a link live?

PlayerZero retains user sessions by default for 3 months. This can, however, be configured. If you need a custom retention period, talk to us at

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