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DevReports give product focused teams the power to communicate about bugs, without skipping a beat.
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Getting started is easy

Step 1
Download the Chrome extension
Step 2
Capture your first buggy session.
Step 3
Share the DevReport with your teammates!

Everything you need to debug, in one package

With the DevReports chrome extension, you can capture full context about website bugs and streamline your QA reporting in minutes.
Metadata report
Steps to reproduce
DOM snapshots
Network calls
Chrome console logs

Retroactive context, delivered with one click.
(or cmd+k 😉)

Go deeper than record and replay. With DevReports, you get the ultimate QA report without the hassle - so you can debug faster.
Log bugs with full technical context without ever having to record video.
Quickly find the root of a bug with technical logs, visual feedback and meta data reports.

Built to be shared

Easily communicate and collaborate with your team using DevReports. It’s QA reporting your whole team can take part in.
Syncs with your Jira bug tracking workflow.
Keep your team up to date with Slack notifications.
Defect reporting is as simple as copy & paste.

Add your own insights

Sometimes, retelling the story of a bug needs a more personal touch. DevReports give you the option to add more, so your engineering team can do less.
Include a detailed description.
Comment directly on the screenshots.
Record a personalized video explanation.

Designed with Engineering in mind

DevReports are designed to deliver information in the most efficient way possible - cutting the time it takes to reproduce, validate, and resolve bugs in half.
High level user context.
Detailed steps to reproduce.
"DevReports completely eliminates the back and forth with users when they report bugs. All the information and context I need is right there, with no extra effort on my part."
Roy Nehoran, Frontend Engineer
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"Validating and triaging bugs is part of the job, but anything that can make that process more efficient for myself and the team is a big win. The number of times I’ve heard 'It works on my machine'... Not anymore!"
Rachel Gomez, QA Lead
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"DevReports help us get us to the root of an issue, quickly. For every new bug that gets flagged, DevReports has already taken us 90% of the way to solving it."
Sam Fischer, Head of Product
Using DevReports is like being on a zoom call with your user, except the user is technical and knows how to use DevTools. I’ve used reporting tools before, but none even close to as useful as DevReports."
Jon Necamp, Sr. Software Engineer
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