PlayerZero Acceptable Use Policy

PlayerZero is a new technology, so, for now, it's most useful to describe acceptable use in terms of high-level guidance. We will be updating this document on an ongoing basis to make things clearer and more concrete. Continued access to PlayerZero requires your ongoing compliance with this Acceptable Use Policy, as referenced in our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, even as it evolves.

For questions or clarifications, please email When we say you in this document, we're talking to PlayerZero customers: people who operate websites that use PlayerZero.

Acceptable Use

Let’s talk about how to properly use PlayerZero to ensure that you are going to get the maximum insight for improving user experience while respecting every user’s privacy and intent.

  • Information gathered using PlayerZero cannot be provided to third parties for the purpose of assembling, exchanging or selling customer profiles (e.g. ad exchanges, data brokers). Use PlayerZero to make your website better for your users, and never to mine user data to create and sell lists.
  • Although PlayerZero does not make available to you any data that isn't already accessible to your code in the context of your website, it does make it much easier to gather data, so always make sure you're only including data that's appropriate and necessary for pro-user purposes.
  • Use and maintain your list of Excluded Elements, Response Data Filtering, and environment level data configurations in the PlayerZero configuration to ensure that you never record sensitive information related to credit cards, government-issued ids, etc. PlayerZero already has built-in filters for many of the most common types of sensitive information, but it’s always better to have multiple levels of filtering to be sure. Even if your website already stores this sort of data for its own functionality, it isn't relevant for PlayerZero, and so we want to never see it.
  • Do not use any information in any way that is inconsistent with a user's intent. For example, if a user begins to fill in an email field in a sign-up form but then does not submit it, emailing the user would not be consistent with her or his intent.
  • No porn. It's not you; it's us. At our current stage, we just aren't ready to deal with the baggage associated with porn accounts.
  • PlayerZero’s Javascript Snippet may only be used on websites where you have direct ownership or express consent from the website owner. You must never use PlayerZero in any way that would allow you to insert PlayerZero’s Javascript snippet into the code base of a third party website. Basically, don’t add PlayerZero to someone else’s application code, unless they gave you express permission.
  • We can't work with any site whose intent is to do anything illegal or to foment hatred, bigotry, racism, or gratuitous violence. Of course, if this applies to you, perhaps crafting a wonderfully positive customer experience isn't dominating your thoughts anyway.

And to end on a happy note, if you've read this far, you're undoubtedly the sort of company we aim to empower. Yay! We're eager to work with you!